Chordcraft Cards

Uniquely Irish Greeting Cards and Stationery

Welcome to Chordcraft Cards. For more that 20 years we have been producing a range of greeting cards based on Irish Proverbs, Sayings and Poems. There are five main categories, Irish Writers Notelets, Irish Proverb Postcards, Comic Postcards, Plain Sailing, Musicians.

All cards are printed in Ireland and feature original artwork by Tony Corr, the creator of the series. The Irish Proverb cards are bi-lingual, with the proverbs printed in both Irish and English. The Irish Writers cards feature a verse by well known Irish writers like Yeats, French and Ledwidge. The Plain Sailing series follow a nautical theme, whilst the Musician cards take a humours look at all things musical.

These cards are sold in a select number of shops around the country. They can also be purchased Wholesale or retail directly from Chordcraft Cards

If you would like further information please phone: Tony Corr at 01-4944260.